November 20th, 2021

Blockchain, Web3, NFT’s Oh My! Keep up or get left behind?

I’ve been around long enough to connect to the internet via dial-up with a CD I got in the mail.

Had my first name at every single email provider you can think of since the dawn of modern email.

Long enough to have a MySpace account, befriend Tom, and build my first business via social media. I have skated through the beginnings of the internet and the foundation of web2.

Now I am staring Web3 in the face as its barreling towards us. Like a meteor shower coming at us from every angle too beautiful to ignore but too fast to dodge.

Too young during the first wave of the internet to understand the impact it would have on society. Now, at a seasoned age I am ready to brace for a tsunami of technical revolution.

Out of curiosity and at times necessity, I have navigated online spaces to my benefit.

I spent part of my career as a corporate drone. Pushing pivot tables instead of pixels. Balance sheets and payroll be damned.

My current role requires me to stay informed about the latest web technologies and fortunately my passions dictate it.

As an avid internet tinkerer, I heard chatter about bitcoin years ago. Even managed to snag a minuscule amount. My first foray into Crypto. My tiny investment grew over a few years to .... wait for it......

approximately 100.00 give or take a millionth of a cent here or there.

I have been watching crypto gain popularity through the years. Not so much that I could chat with anyone within my 6 degrees of separation about it. Just enough to keep me interested from the sidelines.

Until this past year.

Like many folks, I was traumatized by global events over the last couple years. What does one do during a global pandemic and a shit show of politics? Up their twitter doom scrolling of course.

Let the games begin.

This is where my descent down the blockchain rabbit hole gains traction. Twitter has been my go-to place for crypto content. I'm at the blockchain mania level of I invest in shit coins ala $DOGE and $SHIB, collect NFTs, learn Web3 development, and listen to twitter spaces for fun.

My job in web development means I will always have to learn to stay relevant. What I was not prepared for this year was a massive shift in the mainstream adaptation of a decentralized web.

My twitter feed is overrun by critters and characters as NFT pfp projects gain popularity. Most in the NFT space are hidden behind their favorite NFT purchase repping it as their profile picture. It is making it hard to discern human from bots these days.

It is also flooded with artists and fellow web developers wondering what the hell is going on over here and where do we sign up?

I have been a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk for nearly a decade. He has always been steps ahead of the curve and he too has barreled down the blockchain and is bringing us all along with his Vee Friends NFT drops. His overflowing generosity and support for artists in the NFT space is admirable and probably unmatched.

Digital artists like Beeple have gone from selling $100.00 digital prints to multi-million dollar sales in the blink of an eye.

Large brands have begun accepting crypto as payment, have purchased land in the metaverse. Movies are creating NFTs as part of their campaign strategies, and of course Facebook now Meta couldn't be left behind. I read today Pepsi is dropping an NFT tomorrow and yeah, I bought into the Matrix NFTs last week.

With things moving at this lightning fast pace I want to be on the frontline and not a bystander during this next wave of the web.

It is an internet gold rush and I am here for it.

If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, feel free to reach out and I will talk your ear off about it.

This New York Mag piece is a great take on the movement with a dose of humor, or as they say DYOR... Do your own research and this is NFA... not financial advice.